As a bamboo

gHOKUSETSUh means the name of northern part of gSETTSUh area, where there were a lot of bamboo forest before EXPO 70f was held in OSAKA, 1970. we have established the HOKUSETSU INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE , in order to provide special IP-services, as steady as a root of bamboo, and as flexibly as a pliant bamboo.

Natural : Exceed : Surprise

@We are always working under conscious of gNaturalh,h Exceedh, and gSurpriseh.

@At first, we always do a matter of course for granted. Itfs an unspectacular but key philosophy. We are always expected correct and assured practices, for example, selection of procedure, procedures to the JPO, management for time-limit, and so on. We always provide you with safe and secure, based on our prides of specialist for IP-service provider.

@Next, we always provide better services than expected. We are each given a certain latitude in providing services to every client, in order to create a culture of actively providing services which each member decides that itfs a good service for our clients. We always seek for the reason not why we cannot do but how we can do.

@Finally, we try to provide gsurprisesh to both you and ourselves. Our members are expected to be aware that our office is a place where we should attain self-realization. We hope to find gnew ourselvesh beyond old selves, even only by one step, half step, or half size of nail on our fingers. A difficult task is sometimes given to our members. However, a new gsurpriseh will be derived when such task is completed, which we hope to share with.

@Also, we are sure that we could give our clients real gsurprisesh only by experiencing our own gsurprisesh. The real customer service is invisible but comfortable to the customers. We always pursue such real customer service, and make effort to respond to the expectations of customers.